About Us


My name is Rondelle DeLong. I own Tracks End and run it with the help of my family and friends. I have an extensive history with horses that includes formal schooling, pedigree research, feed analysis and much more. Mostly self-taught with much determination and zeal.  I strive for exceptional horses with disposition, pedigree, conformation and color!

Tracks End started on my parents farm in Wakeman, Ohio not far from an old brick one room school house. Down at the end of the road was an old stone and mortar sign that said, Tracks End. This was the name of this very, very small rural community right on the banks of the Vermilion River. There is much history in area include old wagon wheels and covered wagon remains, small family burial lots. 1n 1998, Tracks End Arabians & Pintos was born. In 2001, the sign was torn down during road construction. We have since moved our location but our roots still remain strongly tied to the land that we started at. Tracks End still lives on in this wonderful farm!

Our primary breeding program as been Arabian Pintos since 1998. We have, as we feel, succeeded in producing elegant, correct, loving and colorful horses. Our senior stallion is RBA Phantom is a stunning 7/8 Arabian bay tovero pinto stallion. Phantom as proven himself over and over again. We have purchased our up and coming junior Arabian Pinto stallion, NP Auriel. Auriel or "A" as we call him is 15/16 Arabian palomino tobiano. He has MORE than color! He will be proving himself in 2014 for us. He will be used in the future to cross not only with purebred Arabian mares but also with other dilute Arabian Pintos for the future of double dilute Arabian Pintos.We also have several Straight Egyptian stallions as well including two blacks and a Simeon Shai son.

In 2011 we started a partnership with Rainbow Black Arabians. Together we look forward to breeding some of the rarest and highest quality Arabian Pintos and Straight Egyptian Arabians.

~ Rondelle DeLong ~